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Full Intro: Amanda Duste

Introducing... Amanda Duste

I am a sixteen year old teenager living in Southern Oregon. I live with my parents and two cats and a dog as an only child. I get nearly straight A's at Crater High School's Renaisannce Art Academy, and loving life.

In the past I have taken Beginning Ballet and Junior Jazz.. I have been taking Vocal Lessons after school on Tuesdays since early September 2010. I don't exactly like to consider myself strictly to one vocal range. As a woman I feel that I can sing most ranges if I put my mind to it. :)

Along with dancing in the past I took up Martial Arts. After six years of Tae Kwon Do I achieved my first degree black belt. I love Martial Arts for the beauty aspect of forms with the body and weapons. I was (and still am) not a fan of the fighting aspect.

I love art. Drawing has been one of my passions since I was very young. Thankfully my artwork has improved since I was four years old. My main style is Anime but I play around with realism when I can.

My dreams for the future is to one day preform at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (atleast audition next year, hopefully) and possibly Broadway.

I love every second of what I do in the theater. My family has said that I have been "Preforming" before I could walk. I look forward to making new friends and gaining advice from fellow Preformers here on Stage Agent!

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