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Full Intro: Amandine GAY

Introducing... Amandine GAY

I could have been a cat as I've already lived numerous lives and am looking forward to discovering new ones.

As a child, I was curious, witty and chatty -although not yet aware that one can make a living out of these qualities. As an adolescent I dreamt of entering the WNBA, since I was playing in National 3 (French Female Basketball League). Finally, I chose the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon, as I had rather become a journalist than a professional basketball player.

Yet again, I would enter a new life as I discovered the power of fiction. As a part of my university degree, I had to study abroad for a year. La Trobe University, in Melbourne, is the place where I started studying film. In the meantime I worked in various music arenas or festivals and I got closer to my next life as I started working at the Malthouse Theater.

It took a couple of years and travels in the South Pacific region, for me to realise that I was done fiddling around, I wanted to be on stage!

As soos as I graduated in Politics and Communication, I started another life. I passed the Francis Poulenc Conservatory exam (Paris). The same year, I made my stage play debut thanks to Philippe Chemin. I had finally found a way to coordinate all my passions: litterature, cinema, theater, sports, competition, perpetual learning, companionship and most of all, music.

As I support a global vision of art, I've resumed singing and drumming.
Acting is the promised land for me as I enjoy entering new lives more than anything else.

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