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Full Intro: Andrew Andrulewicz

Introducing... Andrew Andrulewicz

Hello, my name is Andrew J. Andrulewicz. I specialize in both musical and non-musical theatre and I'm improving in both daily. I want to be known as a versatile performer and work hard to pinpoint and solidify my weaknesses. I'm 22 years old, but I'm told by my superiors that my casting range is for male roles age 14-22. Despite this, I have a deep baritone voice and am frequently relegated to bass parts in ensemble musical theatre as a result, though I have tremendous volume and range and am easily capable of handling any musical lead role I'm given. In non-musicals, I most enjoy roles that are offbeat or quirky, and while I can do drama, my strength lies in comedic timing. I currently am seeking a BA in Theatre at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia, which I intend to acquire by 2014.

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