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Full Intro: Anthony Rule

Introducing... Anthony Rule

Hello :) My name's Anthony :D I guess I'll tell you about my performance characteristics ay? I am a tenor (at least I think I am xD) and my current vocal range is from about Gb2 to C6 or so. This varies day by day though i.e.: sometimes it's a bit higher or a bit lower. My first performance was just this year in January playing the role of 'Horton the Elephant' in "Seussical the Musical" at the Roo Theatre, Shellharbour. It was fun :) I am currently playing the role of 'Lefou' in my school's production of "Beauty and the Beast". Yayyy :)
I have no formal dancing experience but I do have good balance and naturally flexible legs which helps a bit :D I have also been told frequently that I dance well to techno music etc (I sort of 'half-shuffle') which is why I have chosen club as my dance speciality (please correct me if 'half-shuffling' isn't 'club' dancing D:). Please bear in mind though that it I do not actually STUDY Club, nor am I taught it. If it helps, my mum and dad are both experienced dancers, with my (deceased :'( ) grandmother being a professional ballroom dancer back in the day :D.
I take singing lessons from Charmaine Gibbs in Wollongong and have been for about a year now. Charmaine is awesomely :)
So that's me in half a nutshell :)
Oh and all of my favourite shows are actually just all the shows I've ever seen or been a part of xD. Well...except for Fiddler of the Roof...Didn't like that one very much, sorry all you 'Fiddler' fans :I...if there are any o-o
I know, I know, I use A LOT of smiley's and emoticons xD Oh look there's another. That's just how I type. Sorry if it annoys you o_O <-- (-.-') <--...

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