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Full Intro: Aphrodyte Anshary

Introducing... Aphrodyte Anshary

Ello!!! I'm *as u all know* Aphrodyte anshary pronounced as (Aphrodite).. Yes yes.. Ze goddess of love.. Misinterpreted at times as goddess of Making love.. No no no.. She just has full of love and passion to the things she does.. So yeah.. I've been living life with love and passion.. But unlike Aphrodite, I only love one man :p

I'm currently "rice bowl-ing" through singing, acting, Dancing, Choreographing, Emceeing With Broadway Academy by Mr.Casey Koh located in Kota Damansara, KL, Malaysia. I've been pursuing publicly my passions since 10th of September 2011..

Aside from that.. I write songs and hoping soon to write my own play!!. Big dreams for such a short-small ladeh! But yea, Taking each step at a time. Recently Choreographed a play in Sabah called Benny and The Emerald forest.. Don't wanna be writing so much as it may sound babble-ish to u guys. If I may fit your criteria for upcoming plays, Show choir, Musical or any family tree of those.. Please do reach out to me. I would love being able to reach my goals and dreams. But i only if you give me a chance to.

Would love to make it to NEW YORK! That's where Broadway is all about :)

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