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  • What to do?
    Posted: June 14, 2010 6:12 PM

    I have just graduated from having the most interesting year ever! I made the 2010 All State Women's choir 5th chair and I got a Sop 1 solo when I was a Alto 1. I got a 1 on my ensemble and a 2 on my solo at State solo and ensemble. I made a 2 with my choir at a Sight reading contest but made 1's on our preformances. I was In a musical the same week of All State. I am a Alto that can sing sop 2, sop 1 (sometimes), tener, and bass (if I'm having a good day) I can learn a new piece of sheet music in a day (if needed), I sang the national anthem at my own graduation, and I can sing loader then my whole choir. Yet I am lost. I use to have All State camp now nothing. I have nothing yes I'm going to college but what now? I still want to sing I want to perform but how can I now? I have never had this problem because before I have school to fall back on I could do anything and everything through my school all the contest, trips, and rewards...but now what do I do. I know all graduates feel like this but for this opera singer I need to have something anything. I like to plan everything I do I practice my music for hours, I singing all the time, and plan the trips I take for choir camp but now I am lost. If anyone can help that would be useful! Thanks! ^^ 

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