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Full Intro: Ashley Rodriguez

Introducing... Ashley Rodriguez

I have been singing since I was five but I was always told that I would never amount to anything in music and in life. I was told that I would never be a good singer as a child where I lived being hispanic ment that you were didn't set goals high. I knew that all that said I can't or you'll never were wrong music is all I have ever wanted to do. When I finally got into my eighth grade choir I was shocked at how hard and how much fun music was and I knew that even if I didn't become a singer like I wanted I would still love music. When I entered high school thats where my voice finally came in. I never expected to sing much just maybe like a pop singer but when I same I sounded like a 20 year old opera singer for a girl of 14 that was strange but as tyhe year went by I entered any and all contest and I have loved every contest win or lose. My biggest goal was met when I made the 2010 All State Women's Choir and earning 5th chair where I auditioned and got a solo in the biggest concert in Texas. I want to continue my singing in opera and maybe after I am done singing on stage to become a music teacher and inspire children to sing because I never got that as a child. I want to perform so any and all help would be wonderful and I know someday this girl will be on stage.

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