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Resume: Ashliee Wood
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Ashliee Wood
Ph: 281-690-0338

Height – 5 feet 8 inches / 173 cm

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Green

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian, Latino/Hispanic


Vocal Range – Alto

Singing – Musical Theater, Opera, Country Western, Pop

Languages – American English

Restless Minds (2012)
Director: Randy Yarbrough
Following (2012)
Role: Lead
Director: Randy Yarbrough
Sexual Harassment (2011)
Role: Victim
Director: Randy Yarbrough
Cocaine (2011)
Role: Voice
Director: Andy Brown
Student Life (2011)
Role: Voice
Director: Eric Martin
Ai News Report (2011)
Role: Lead
Director: Eric Martin
Mother Nature (2011)
Role: Lead
Director: Eric Martin
Death's Bliss (2011)
Role: Lead
Director: Diamonique Porter
Love Me Not (2010)
Role: Lead
Director: Robert Neckar
Scavenger Hunt (2010)
Role: Lead
Director: Alexander Canales
My Revenge (2010)
Role: Lead
Director: Marissa Bush
Hug Attack (2010)
Role: Extra
Director: Ashliee Wood
Party in the USA (2010)
Role: Extra
Director: Sara Sowell
The Cold Day in Hell (2010)
Role: Zombie
Director: Eric Ochoa
Think (2009)
Role: Voice
Director: Victor Carpenter
Gatorade Spec (2012)
Role: Voice
Director: Marissa Bush
Orbit Gum Spec (2011)
Role: Lead
Director: Andy Brown
We Be Filming (2010)
Role: Lead
Director: Eric Martin
Ducky Accesories (2009)
Role: Voice
Director: Victor Carpenter
Volt Vision (2010)
Role: Anchor
Director: Amanda Ludwig
The Wizard of Oz (2010)
Role: Jitterbug, Ozian, Beauty Girl
Director: Mark Stonebarger
Infected (2010)
Role: News Reporter
Director: Caroline Sims
Emotions in a Box (2009)
Role: Announcer
Director: Caroline Sims
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (2009)
Role: Office Worker
Director: Mark Stonebarger
Additional Info
BFA Digital Film and Video Production - Thomasid Rolls - The Art Institute of Houston
Acting and Directing Workshop - Dan Ko - The Art Institute of Houston
Voice: Choral, Musical - Jenny Roesner - Charger Chorale Choir
Acing: Stage, Film, Improv - Colette Curry - Clear Springs Theatre
Voice: Choral, Musical, Pop - Brianna Kruse - Bay Area Theatre and Voice Academy
Voice: Choral, Musical - Rob Phillips - Charger Chorale Choir
Voice: Choral, Musical, Opera - Courtney Costales - Clear Creek

Additional Skills:
Vocal - Pop, Country, Choral, Opera, Musical
Instruments - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Athletic - Golf, Yoga, Aerobics, Basketball, Bodyboarding, Rollerblading, Bowling, Biking, Rafting, Fishing, Working Out, Swimming, Canoeing, Surfing, Plyometrics
Dance - Western, Hip Hop, Musical
Makeup - Special Effects, Wedding, Casual, Fantasy, Stage, Photography and Television, Characterization, Runway and Fashion
Dialect/Accents - Texan, Old Woman, Pirate, Demon
Other - Painting, Driver’s License, Performance Driving, Computer, Photography
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