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Full Intro: Ashlynn McPherson

Introducing... Ashlynn McPherson

Hello!! My name is Ashlynn I have been dancing/singing since I was really young. I had many tap dance lessons and sang as much as I could. From what my Mamma (my mom) tells me, I guess I used to sing my prayers at night and over dinner! I have always been dramatic and wanted to be on stage, my phrase was that “my life is a stage” which when you are saying that at six you might have a slight problem =). In my most recent production of Narnia, I actually had a solo song that I was privileged to sing. Besides always wanting to pursue the stage, I had my other little activities as well. I have been a competitive swimmer for about 6 years now. I have placed in championships and won a medal or two, Michael Phelps is a big role model for a swimmer. Before that, I played about four years of soccer; other than that music has been my whole life. I play the piano slightly and adore to make the house shake with loud music. I have lived my whole life with my two amazing parents and three younger brothers…and yes I did say three; I am the eldest of them all. My loving family has always put up with my over-the-top dramatics and my loud singing, and they have always been there to tell me to follow my dreams. My dream is the stage, and I hope I can fulfill that dream.

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