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Full Intro: Brianna Lyons

Introducing... Brianna Lyons

Hi. My name is Brianna Lyons. I am a young actress, singer, and song writer in the making. I am 13 years old and I have numerous talents. My most special talent is singing. I don't know if I am an alto, stuff like that, but all I know is that I can sing. Oh yeah, when I said I am a young actress in the making, I really meant that. I have only done 1 play and I am working on my second one. I play the role of Panteen in Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother. This is like one of my first main roles in a play. Um, let's see,I was a dancer in my school's christmas program and I do african dancing.I am also a young songwriter. I love to write down my problems and how I feel. I believe that is the key to a good song. It has to have a meaning.But sometimes, a song can be really fun.But anyways, did I forget to mintion that I am a hard worker and never give up. I always try ro influence the little kids to never give up and even kids my age listen to me. I am very intelligent for my age and is never rude.ANyways, that's all about me.

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