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Photos: Carl Zeitler

Inspector Ruffing in "Ravenscroft"

As Inspector Ruffing (with Carol Bair) in "Ravenscroft"

As Victor Lord in "How the West Was Done In"

As Bill (with Robyn Daniels) in "Sure Thing"

As Dracula (with Mary Czerwinski) in "Dracula"

Dracula (with Mary Czerwinski)

As Glenn (with Robyn Daniels) in "Rumors"

As Oberon (with Kelly Wojnarowksi) in "Shakespeare in Hollywood"

As Tommy (with Angela Bend) in "Speakeasy or Die Hard"

Dracula (with Christina Fleetwood)

As Cornelius Hackl in "The Matchmaker"

Oberon (with Scott Surowiecki and Katie Monahan)

As Dan (with Jim Griffin and Lisa Savegnago) in "Closer"

As Anthony (with Lisa Obara, Teresa Horvath, Jason Jerisha) in "The House of Yes"

As Mr. Collins (with Carol Bair as Elizabeth Bennet) reading a scene of "Pride and Prejudice" in "Love Throughout the Ages"

As Sebastian (with cast/director) in "Twelfth Night"

As Shep (with Lisa Obara) in "Bell Book and Candle"

As Blore (with cast) in "And Then There Were None"

As Dracula (with Lauren Anders)

As Earl in "Cold Weather Comfort"

As Nick (with cast/crew) in "Here's Looking at You...Dead!"

With cast of "Love Throughout the Ages"

As Earl (with Ben Muller and Jessie Stegner) in "Cold Weather Comfort"

As Linus (with Mary Pavia) in "Sabrina Fair"

As Cornelius (with Mary Pavia, Erick Sosa, Elizabeth Owsley, Vicky Giannini) in "The Matchmaker"

As Cornelius (with Vicky Giannini) in "The Matchmaker"

As Oberon (with Katie Monahan) in "Shakespeare in Hollywood"

As Victor (with Alissa Burke Leoni and Vicky Giannini) in "How the West Was Done In"

As Victor (with some cast) in "How the West Was Done In"

As Dan (with Lisa Savegnago, Katie Meiners, Jim Griffin, Marie Clawson) in "Closer"

As McClain (with Angela Bend) in "Speakeasy or Die Hard"

As Cornelius in "The Matchmaker"

As Inspector Ruffing (with cast) in "Ravenscroft"

As Victor (with Elizabeth Owsley and Jerry Moore) in "How the West Was Done In"

As Ruffing (with Carol Bair as Marcy) in "Ravenscroft"

As Cornelius (with Vicky Giannini, Erick Sosa, and Elizabeth Owsley) in "The Matchmaker"

As Glenn (with cast) in "Rumors"

As Lenny (with cast) in "Rumors"

As Linus (with Elizabeth Owsley) in "Sabrina Fair"

As Robbie (with Robyn Daniels) in "Criminal Hearts"

As Robbie (with cast) in "Criminal Hearts"

As Dick Simmering (with Michalene Ferguson) in "Death By Chocolate"

As Nick (with cast) in "Here's Looking at You...Dead!"

As Dick Simmering (with Jacqueline Ashcraft) in "Death By Chocolate"

As Dick Simmering (with cast) in "Death By Chocolate"

As Oberon (with Katie Monahan) in "Shakespeare in Hollywood"

As Axel Magee (with Heather Reedy) in "Don't Drink the Water"

As Gerald Asgard (with cast) in "Sex in the Title"

As Victor (with Elizabeth Owsley) in "How the West Was Done In"

As Dracula (with Mary Czerwinksi) in "Dracula"

As Linus (with Jen Rehbein and Christina Scott) in "Sabrina Fair"

As Oberon (with cast/crew) in "Shakespeare in Hollywood"

As Assistant Director (with cast/crew) of "Pride and Prejudice"

As Dracula (with cast and crew) in "Dracula"

As Cornelius (with Erick Sosa, Rance Clouser, Elizabeth Owsley, Vicky Giannini) in "The Matchmaker"

As Earl (with cast) in "Cold Weather Comfort"

Inspector Ruffing (Carl Zeitler) and Marcy Kleiner (Carol Bair) in "Ravenscroft"

As Cornelius Hackl (with cast) in "The Matchmaker"

As Victor (with Alissa Burke Leoni) in "How the West Was Done In"

As Linus (with cast/crew) in "Sabrina Fair"

"Ravenscroft" Hallway Display

As Cornelius Hackl (with Vicky Giannini, Tammy Job, Erick Sosa, Elizabeth Owsley) in "The Matchmaker"

As Dick Simmering (with Laura Swink) in "Death By Chocolate"

As Victor (with Alissa Burke Leoni and Vicky Giannini) in "How the West Was Done In"

As Daniel (with Joyia Lago) in "The Cajun Moon"

With Jacqui Williamson and Joyia Lago from "The Cajun Moon"

The cast of "The Matchmaker"

The hole I made in the wall during "Speakeasy or Die Hard"

With "Love Throughout the Ages" cast

The founding board of The Chanooka Center Stage Theatre Company

Rehearsing "The Taming of the Shrew" at Shakespeare on Clark (with Mary K. Nigohosian)

As Petruchio engaging in a battle of wills with Kate (Mary K. Nigohosian)

Petruchio gives Kate (Mary K. Nigohosian) a new perspective on life

As Petruchio (with Ted Holste, Margie Gustafson, and Mary K. Nigohosian) at Shakespeare on Clark

The cast and director of "The Taming of the Shrew" at Shakespeare on Clark

As Petruchio pre-show on Clark Island

Microphone application for "Shrew" (thanks to Mary K. Nigohosian)

Showing appreciation to director Julane Sullivan (with rest of cast/crew)

Show poster (with Mary K. Nigohosian and Emily Champlin)

Kate (Mary K. Nigohosian) answers a call to arms against Petruchio

A join'd stool...the match of wits continues (with Mary K. Nigohosian)

Petruchio had it coming...(courtesy of Mary K. Nigohosian)

The happy ending of "Sabrina Fair" (with Elizabeth Owsley)

In "The Nerd" as Willum (with George Skrobuton, Theresa Lang, and Ryan Ruffati)

As Nick carrying off Maxene (Lauren Anders) in "Here's Looking at You...Dead!"

Hallway display for "Shakespeare in Hollywood"

Grumio and Petruchio (with Jerome Urbik)

Gremio with Petruchio (with Dennis D. Stewart)

Come on and kiss me, Kate...(with Mary K. Nigohosian)

A somber moment in "Ravenscroft" (with Carol Bair)

Petruchio as Speech Therapist

The cake says it all...

Komensky School Drama Club bowing at end of "Hospital Hijinks"

As Shepherd Henderson in "Bell Book and Candle" (with Lisa Obara)

With "Speakeasy or Die Hard" cast and director

Nick in "Here's Looking at You...Dead! (with Kelly Wojnarowski)

Set Design for "How the West Was Done In"

"The Taming of the Shrew" set on Clark Island

Dracula (with Lauren Anders)

Dracula (with Christina Fleetwood)

Lucy (Christina Fleetwood) gets a visit from Dracula

The "Ravenscroft" set

Tommy (deceased) in "Speakeasy or Die Hard" (with cast)

At the musical finale (yes, I "sang") of "Speakeasy or Die Hard" (with Angela Bend)

Ruffing in "Ravenscroft" (with Linda Roberts)

Heed the warning!

Ruffing questions Dolly (with Katie Monahan)

Phil Hendricks giving direction early on in "Ravenscroft" rehearsal process (with Mikhaila Scoville)

As Charlie Chaplin with Mary Pickford on red carpet in "Shakespeare in Hollywood" (with Kelly Wojnarowski)

Bow tie assistance backstage during "Shakespeare in Hollywood" (courtesy of Scott Surowiecki)

As McClain in "Speakeasy or Die Hard" (with Dave Perez, Angela Bend, and Lauren Anders)

"Speakeasy or Die Hard" cast party (with Mario D'Agostino, Shazad Mehta, Cynthia Rosati, Angela Bend)

The cast of "Speakeasy or Die Hard"

As Cornelius Hackl in the Harmonia Gardens' scene of "The Matchmaker" (with cast)

Katherina would have Petruchio hanged on Sunday rather than wed him (with Mary K. Nigohosain and Molly Wagner)

Oberon and Olivia in "Shakespeare in Hollywood" (with Katie Monahan)

Axel and Susan in "Don't Drink the Water" (with Heather Reedy)

"Death By Chocolate" cast and director

Publicity shot for "The Taming of the Shrew"

The Happy Couple? (with Mary K. Nigohosian)

Petruchio and Kate (with Mary K. Nigohosian)

We will be married o' Sunday!

Ruffing gives Gillian an earful in "Ravenscroft" (with Kelly Wojnarowski)

Ruffing and Marcy don't meet eye to eye in "Ravenscroft" (with Carol Bair)

"The Taming of the Shrew"

"Ravenscroft" (with Carol Bair, Katie Monahan, Mikhaila Scoville)

Dracula wants Lucy's fear (with Christina Fleetwood)

Dracula crosses oceans of time with Mina (with Mary Czerwinski)

As the title character in "Macbeth" at GreenMan Theatre

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth (with Valerie Meachum)

The Macbeths and their bloody daggers (with Valerie Meachum)

Macbeth receives strange brew from 3 witches (with Alice Rebecchi, Denise D'Asto, Grace Martinez)

"Macbeth" cast in swordfight stage combat training

As Macbeth (with cast) at GreenMan Theatre

Macbeth is crowned King (with Steve Delchamps and Valerie Meachum)

In battle with Young Seward (with Justin Martin Fill)

Banquet scene in "Macbeth" (with cast)

Paying off the Murderer (with Steve Blount)

Lay on, Macduff (with Paul Moy)

The Macbeths (with Valerie Meachum)

With the full "Macbeth" cast

The cast and crew of "Macbeth" at GreenMan Theatre in Oct.- Nov. 2012

Macbeth haunted by ghostly vision

Lady Macbeth tries to calm his nerves (with Valerie Meachum)

Returning home as Thane of Cawdor (with Valerie Meachum)

Sending Seyton away before daggers appear (with Matt Heine)

Different perspectives on the future of Scotland (with Valerie Meachum)

Being prepared for battle (with Matt Heine)

The opening mass battle in "Macbeth"

Making the toast at the banquet (with Valerie Meachum)

Giving the "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" monologue

Kate hanging out with Petruchio and Baptista (with Mary K. Nigohosian and Emily Champlin)

Asking Baptista for Kate's hand (with Emily Champlin)

Kate, eat apace... (with Mary K. Nigohosian and William Eversen)

Petruchio and Kate at odds, as usual

Kate (Mary K. Nigohosian) takes Petruchio's proposal less than seriously

Elegantly dressed for the big day (with cast)

Sweeping Kate off her feet

Rough and tumble in Padua

Mocking look

With Ted Holste and Dennis D. Stewart in "Shrew"

When Kate and Petruchio finally meet (with Mary K. Nigohosian)

Petruchio on "horseback" (with cast)

"The Taming of the Shrew" curtain call

Rehearsing "Scenes from the End" at Geneva Underground Playhouse (with Elaine G. Castro and Steve Lord)

With Lauren Anders as Lady Macduff

Macbeth (with Rachel Cram and Stan Kosek)

A bloody Macbeth (with James Silverstein)

As Nino Frank in "Smoking Gun" (with Courtney Knysch and Jim Zervas)

Serious portrait pose of Nino, Gilda, Sam in "Smoking Gun" publicity shot

Gilda lays down the law to Nino (with Courtney Knysch)

Nino Frank and Gilda Graham in "Smoking Gun" at GreenMan Theatre Feb. 22-Mar. 3, 2013

Nino and Sam (Jim Zervas) are shocked to find that Gilda (Courtney Knysch) and Effie (Vicky Giannini) are so chatty in "Smoking Gun"

Nino is wondering why Rocky (Derek Dillon) is listening to the Announcer (Shazad Mehta) instead of showing O'Hara (Stan Kosek) what's what

Gilda and Nino find humor in O'Hara threatening them

Nino Frank gets a good vantage point (with Grace Martinez and Jim Zervas)

Nino tries to console Gilda with little success, as usual (with Courtney Knysch)

Gilda and Nino in a happier moment in "Smoking Gun" (with Courtney Knysch)

Nino and Rocky push McPherson around, much to the chagrin of Adrienne and Gilda (with Emily Nelson, Derek Dillon, Jerry Moore, Courtney Knysch)

As Nino packing a rod (with Derek Dillon)

Consoling Gilda to no avail (with Courtney Knysch)

The Tango Number in "Smoking Gun"

Virginia breaks exciting news to Nino (with Valerie Meachum)

Nino role playing as Dracula with Gilda (with Courtney Knysch)

The cast of "Smoking Gun"

Original artwork of final bow of "The Taming of the Shrew"

Undergoing a cast being made of my face to be used as duplicate Macbeth head

As Nick in "Over the River and Through the Woods" at Gallery Theater (with Howard Raik, Ginny Lennon, Laura DeWitt, Gail Cannata, and Mark Fortman)

Nick and Caitlyn in "Over the River and Through the Woods" (with Laura DeWitt)

With the cast of short play I wrote and directed called "And Then What?" (With Tammy Job, Renata Allelujka, and Erick Sosa)

Christine (Tammy Job), The Host (Renata Allelujka), and Charles (Erick Sosa) in publicity shot of my short play "And Then What?" as part of "After the End of the World" at GreenMan Theatre, May 3-19, 2013

Directing Tammy Job and Erick Sosa in "And Then What?"

Will it be a happy ending in "And Then What?" (Erick Sosa, Tammy Job, Renata Allelujka)

The cast and crew of "After the End of the World" on May 3-19, 2013

Cast photo of "Into the Woods" at Wheaton Drama; I was a costume designer on this show

"Into the Woods" at Wheaton Drama May-June, 2013

The Mysterious Man and the Baker; I helped build these costumes

Cinderella and her family in "Into the Woods"

The cast of "Into the Woods" with the evil witch in black with cape and stepsisters and mother in traveling cloaks

The Baker, Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red in costume

The witch after transformation from old form; I hand stitched this dress at the bottom of the V to keep it together

Tammy Job as Christine and Erick Sosa as Charles in "And Then What?"

A hopeful moment for Charles and Christine in "And Then What?" (with Erick Sosa and Tammy Job)

Show poster for "The Comedy of Errors" (with Larry Quist, Aaron Berogan, and Todd Ridgeway)

The cast and director of "The Comedy of Errors"

As Dirk Winston with "Mary, Mary" cast (with Jake Thomas, Elyse Lorenz, Marty Kaspar, and Jacqueline Ashcraft)

My Colby Award from Wheaton Drama for Best Costume Design of their season for "Into the Woods" (along with co-designer Ben Vargas)

As Lennie in poster for "Of Mice and Men" at Vero Voce Theatre (with David M. Rodriguez)

As Lennie with George in "Of Mice and Men" at Vero Voce (with David M. Rodrguez)

Lennie and Curley's Wife in "Of Mice and Men" (with Amy Turner)

As Lennie crushing Curley's hand in "Of Mice and Men" (with some cast)

George and Lennie in "Of Mice and Men" at Vero Voce (with David M. Rodriguez)

Lennie done a bad thing to Curley's wife (with Amy Turner)

George and Lennie on the road (with David M. Rodriguez)

The cast and crew of "Of Mice and Men" at Vero Voce Theater Nov. 7-24, 2013

Play acting with Gilda in "Smoking Gun" (with Courtney Knysch)

Nino and Gilda (with Courtney Knysch)

Gilda on the warpath as Nino uses Virginia as a shield (with Valerie Meachum and Courtney Knysch)

Nothing like an eyeroll! (with Richard Bucchi and Alice Rebecchi)

Rocky shows Nino his appreciation in "Smoking Gun" (with Derek Dillon)

Sorting out the clues in "Smoking Gun" (with some cast)

Lots of GreenMan Theatre folk at David and Katie Soria's wedding

As Dirk with Mary in "Mary, Mary" at Joliet Drama Guild (with Jacqueline Ashcraft)

Part of the ensemble watching Lauren Anders, Carol Bair, and Katie Monahan singing during "Love Throughout the Ages" at Elmhurst Public Library in November 2011

Linus with Gretchen in "Sabrina Fair" at Grove Players (with Nicole Canale)

Linus and David Larrabee in "Sabrina Fair" (with Grant Deliberto)

Cast board of "Sabrina Fair"

Getting Catholic treatment in "Speakeasy or Die Hard" (with Angelique Cate and Dave Perez)

Grove Players in Spring 2010

Fall of 2011

As Glenn in "Rumors" at First Street Playhouse (with Jen Connon, Vince Scalabrino, and Robyn Daniels)

The cast of Neil Simon's "Rumors" at First Street Playhouse in Jan. 2005

Odds or Evens to see who will be Charlie Brock in "Rumors" (with Vince Scalabrino, Robert Nardini, and Lars Timpa)

The party guests looking for Cookie's earring in "Rumors"

Cookie found it! (with cast)

The cast of "Rumors" in the frigid greenroom at First Street Playhouse in January 2005

The original cast of "Death By Chocolate" at CCSTC

Where Funhouse Productions put on "The House of Yes" up in Wisconsin

As Dick Simmering in "Death By Chocolate" at CCSTC (with Clare O. Sampson)

With Lucy and Mina as Dracula (with Christina Fleetwood and Mary Czerwinski)

Giving Renfield his eternal reward in "Dracula" (with Jack Guasta)

The cast of "Cold Weather Comfort" at n.u.f.a.n. ensemble (with Sarah Sapperstein, Ben Muller, Jeff McClane, Jessie Stegner)

As Earl in "Cold Weather Comfort" (with Sarah Sapperstein)

At gunpoint in "Cold Weather Comfort" (with Jeff McClane)

The "Cold Weather Comfort" motto: guns and meatloaf! (and ketchup, thank God)

Mina and Drac in "Dracula" at GreenMan (with Mary Czerwinski)

Menacing the family dinner as Earl in "Cold Weather Comfort" (with cast)

Goofing off as Antipholus with Dromio in "The Comedy of Errors" (with Larry Quist)

As Linus tending to Sabrina in "Sabrina Fair" (with Sean O'Neil, Grant Deliberto, and Elizabeth Owsley)

With Sabrina on her wall (with Elizabeth Owsley)

The cast of "Of Mice and Men" at Vero Voce

A playwright festival at Vero Voce for two of my plays: "And Then What?" and "A Smattering of Perspective."

As Nick in "Over the River and Through the Woods" at Gallery Theater (with Gail Cannata)

As Nick (with Mark Fortman)

Nick with one set of Gramps and Nan (with Howard Raik and Ginny Lennon)

Sunday night with the Grandparents in "Over the River and Through the Woods"

Nick embarrassed by his Nan (with Ginny Lennon)

Guess who came to dinner, Nick? (with Laura DeWitt and Gail Cannata)

The other Nan with advice for Nick (with Gail Cannata)

Family dinner in "Over the River..." (with cast)

Nan gives Nick a premature mass card (with Howard Raik and Ginny Lennon)

Getting a blanket when it's already 90 degrees in the room (with Gail Cannata and Mark Fortman)

Playing Trivial Pursuit with Gramps and Nan (with Mark Fortman and Gail Cannata)

Nick gets lasagna to take to Seattle (with Mark Fortman, Gail Cannata, Ginny Lennon)

Part of Piccolo Theatre's First Laugh One-Act Festival Feb. 14 & 15, 2014

With Erick Sosa and Tammy Job in "A Smattering of Perspective" at Piccolo Theatre

Pierce, Sloane, and Todd in "A Smattering of Perspective" Feb. 14, 2014

Poster for production at Gallery Theater March 14-16, 2014

In rehearsal as Paul in "Barefoot in the Park" at Gallery Theater

The cast of "Barefoot in the Park" at Gallery Theater March 14-16, 2014

The "Barefoot in the Park" set

Another "Barefoot" cast photo at Gallery Theater

The cast of "The Chinese Gong" on September 21, 2014

"The Taming of the Shrew" after curtain call on Clark Island

Rehearsing "The Haunted Widow Lincoln" as Booth for Batavia Arts Council

As John Wilkes Booth with Donna Latham, who wrote "The Haunted Widow Lincoln"

The cast and director of "Ten for Ten" at Gallery Theater in September 2014

With Donna Latham (playwright) and Julane Sullivan (director) as Booth in "The Haunted Widow Lincoln"

With Chris Williams and Laura DeWitt, who appeared in my play "And Then What?" at Gallery Theater

The cast of "The Haunted Widow Lincoln" for Batavia Arts Council

Playing John Wilkes Booth in "The Haunted Widow Lincoln" (with cast)

"The Haunted Widow Lincoln" ran October 10-12, 2014

As Producer on "Frankenstein" at GreenMan Theatre

"The Haunted Turkey" at Komensky School on Nov. 14, 2014

Post show curtain call of "The Haunted Turkey"

With part of the cast of "The Haunted Turkey"

With the actor who played "Officer Jones"

Detectives Morales & Garcia and Officer Jones in "The Haunted Turkey"

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