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Full Intro: Caroline Shelton

Introducing... Caroline Shelton

I can start with the basics like my name is Caroline Shelton, my age is twenty, and I am a Theatre and Dance Major at The University of New Hampshire but does that really and fully intoduce the complex character that is me? At the age of three I transformed into an energetic white fluffy poodle, leaping through a neon pink hula-hoop. At four, I became a sparkling moonbeam falling gracefully around Belle and the dying Beast. The mean one, Mr. Grinch woke me from my dreams trying to steal my Christmas tree at the age of five and by six I helped a petite village eat away at a giant juicy peach with a troop of singing insects. My godfather presented me with a magical nutcracker that turned into a prince for Christmas when I was thirteen and at fourteen, I became a lively red ladybug alongside the famous Peter Rabbit. I became royalty, ruling The Land of the Sweets when I was only sixteen, with a diamond tiara balanced on my head and seventeen was when I became a tiny fluttering bluebird, invited to Sleeping Beauties wedding. While at twenty I was a young Fifties girl fighting Native Americans off my boyfriend. Having danced for so long self-discipline and respect come naturally. I am able to balance time in order to accomplish all goals in mind.

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