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Full Intro: Cat Aglaia

Introducing... Cat Aglaia

I am…
Completely and utterly unique
I sing my own song
And dance my own dance
My dreams are made of different colors
And my passion beats a different drum

I am…
Exactly like everyone else
I laugh and I cry
I grow and I fail
I have secrets, doubts, goals, and fears
I am small, weak, brave, and strong

I am…
A dragon
A fairy
An angel
A devil
A mountain lion
A child
An artist
A performer
A gypsy
A princess
A master
A slave

I am…
Whatever I want to be
Everything you are
And everything you’re not
A simple girl in a complicated mask
I am…me?

13 Simple Facts:
1. My name is Cat.
2. I just so happen to fit the definition of a Libra.
3. I am amazingly and irritatingly curious.
4. I am innocent and shy...
5. But I, like everyone else, have a dark side.
6. Sometimes I feel more animal than human.
7. I'm a pacifist, but that doesn't make me weak.
8. Sometimes I wish I would just let myself be as insane as I feel.
9. I am a helpless romantic...
10. But my definition of romance changes like the weather.
11. I am great at making big decisions...
12. But absolutely horrible with the little ones that don't matter.
13. I am Cat: acceptance is my virtue, pride is my vice, and loneliness is my downfall.

Nice to meet you.

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