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Full Intro: Chaney Rivet

Introducing... Chaney Rivet

HI! I'm not that new too theatre. i love strait plays. im a method actor who relies on the realistic aspect of theatre. I've been acting since i was very small. i appeared in a comercial as abused orphan #1 . i have stared in 3 major productions and also directed. I'm extremely good with dialects and can tap into a character rather quickly considering that im an Empath. ive been in choir and singing professionally since i was 9 years old. im constintly auditioning for shows and with a variety of different parts but always seems to get casted in the roles of either the sick, twisted murderer or the deranged psycho who gets strangled alot. but like i said im very interested in new experiences and i want to make new friends as well. im currently living in the Euless, TX area and im hoping to soon have a scrap book full of new experiences.

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