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Full Intro: Chantel George

Introducing... Chantel George

I am a starving artist, of course everyone is.

Sometimes it gets heavy in my skin. It would be nice to just step out and into another character. The thing about acting, though is that you have remains of yourself following you into another character, say a self-absorbed teenager, or an alcoholic so really you make layers, and end up a confused onion. I would like to think that being on stage is the best relationship any boy-crazed girl could possibly obtain. You are basically holding hands with the characters, your share smells, hobbies and family. Sometimes I feel so comfortable – I just want to move in on the set. Nevertheless, it’s a truly amazing experience that I am only be overjoyed that there are always more scripts and plays in the world, so that when my soul gets restless I have somewhere to put it.
I suppose since this does involve the topic of inspiration, that if I could bottle inspiration and show it to you, it would be a feather in a jar. Like the tickle on the insides right before I’m on stage. I can’t dissect myself if I could. I would try and unwrap my layers to prevent myself from running on the stage and dancing with the actors at Broadway musical. I am inspired by greatness, ultimate greatness, the feel of when a great actor steps inside a room and you feel the presence. I want and thrive on the ability to change the mood of the room, to carry people with me. Without it, I am homeless; I mosey around life. I feel deflated, not completely but oxygen isn’t enough – I need to have the warmth of the stage lights, the cold wood stage under my feet, and the scratchy costumes on my skin.

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