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Full Intro: Chrissy Hogue

Introducing... Chrissy Hogue

Hogue began acting as a child earning starring roles in every production she auditioned for. She made her stage debut in Queens, New York in an unusual casting choice as "Sam" in Enter Laughing. (The original character was the male best friend of the lead character.)

Although she knew she wanted to make acting her career, Chrissy was convinced by her playwright/comedian father Mitch Hogue to attend college. She was accepted in to Baruch College in New York City (it is said she had a complete disinterest in attending any school so allowed her school adviser to do all the work and went to whichever school accepted her.)

When she didn't land the starring role in this new school she rode the "N" train back and forth all day while reading Stephen King novels for the rest of the semester. She finally applied to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she spent one semester learning how to cut the throats of other actors; something she had no interest in due to her devotion to ensemble work. She finally landed at Franklin Pierce College where she studied with Robert Lawson, Nancy Stone, Peggy Rae Johnson, Laurel Brown, and Wendy Dwyer (to name a few).

Chrissy Hogue has won several acting awards including Best Actress, First Place Dramatic Prose, First Place Dramatic Duo, Best Ensemble, Best Supporting Actress, and honorable mentions from production company Happee Smith Productions for award achievements of Telly and Addy for their work together on Sedona Staffing and Fly Dubuque Airport commercials.

Hogue is currently touring her one-woman show The Stupid Economy written for her by award-winning playwright Robert Lynn. She also creates three tv shows for cable, and is in progress on a theatre company for charity with her sister and business partner Jen Hogue which they founded in November 2005. They are moving into the moving image 2013.

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