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Full Intro: Ciara Abeyta

Introducing... Ciara Abeyta

Hi! I'm Ciara Abeyta an I am 11 yrs. old. I love to play outside, write fictional and true stories on my computer, play "MySims Agents" on my Wii, Dance to a band called "Pure NRG", sing just made up song (they can get a bit weird. I sung about bubblegum wrappers once! (-:), play my clarinet (yes, it has a name: Annie Armstrong. Made by the company Armstrong, by the way!), and act. Yes, act. I'm special because I was one of the three sixth graders chosen for Drama class at my school. LOTS of peeps didn't make it, even though they signed up. Whoops, full class! (TMI, I bet!) I'm talking too much. I know I am. Oh, see ya! ;) ***

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