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Full Intro: Colette Castualdi

Introducing... Colette Castualdi

hey, my name is colette (u already know that tho... its on my profile). i have always loved theatre and singing and dancing ever since i was really little. even tho i love it... i have yet to receive an actual role in a play... i kno i can do it tho. oh well! i just love being involved. but, i will be a senior next year and for the musical, it is a GIANT cast of 5 people (lovely isnt it?). im determined to get a role even tho my chances are slim. (my teacher hates me... well she hates everybody but... and im always out shined at the auditions.) so im hoping this website can help me prepare for this.

okay now other stuff about me..... ummmmm... well i love writing. i hope to be a author someday. but i kinda go through writer's block so it kinda hard.
im a very social and upbeat person. im also a really hard worker too! umm i love my church (jesus rocks!) umm i dont really kno what else to say. i'll spare whoever decides to take interest in my profile.

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