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Full Intro: Darcie Luikart

Introducing... Darcie Luikart

My name is Darcie.
I'm seventeen & can't wait to be eighteen!
I love being in the spotlight.
My biggest down on myself is that I'm only 5'1" because I personally think that if I were taller I could have more oppourtunities with my career.
But I make the most of everything that I do and always look on the positive side.
I'm thankful for who I am and what I plan to be someday.
I wishhhh I could be a model.
It's also my big-little-girl dream to be a Rockette.
But I'm too short. darn.
I'm currently searching for roles in shows because I was taking a break (which I shouldn't have!) and miss the stage dearly.
I'm lots of fun.
:) let's dance, babyy!

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