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Full Intro: Dianne Francisco

Introducing... Dianne Francisco

I'm simple yet complex.
I easily get bored with the idea of boredom. (now who doesn't?)
I cry when I laugh.
I'm your normal abnormal.

I sing what I need to say.

I write songs like crazy!
I can be inspired by a single toothpick for all I care.

I’m the type who geeks out every now and then than girl-talk most of the time.

I’m also the type who’ll just stay silent when i don’t feel like I belong than go around and throw high fives to people who I have no idea at all.

I care not much about the future but cares and thinks a lot about the now for the future.

I sometimes have the answer but questions that same question once the answer was answered.

I somehow still would want to believe in Santa Clause (and yes, I still hang stockings on Christmas day).

I’m confident but insecure and sometimes confident of being insecure.

I'm not religious. I just love God. And Grace is the word that always, always leaves me dumb-founded.

I love to cook but not much a fan of eating.

I have never been in love (romantically speaking). I thought I was though, when I was 17 but man, I was practically "in love" with every cute boy that I know that time! LOL

I love music. This section will never end if I just talk about my love for it. Music is my past, present and future relationship.

I'd rather stay at home with my piano or guitar than party. But don't get me wrong, I'm also a sucker for spontaneity!

I used to fear a lot of things but now starting to overcome them except roaches and heights! Like I said...starting.

I've always dreamed of meeting a real-life Bart or Homer Simpson.

We can be friends if you can tolerate my addiction to Conan O'brien.

I love acting cause it makes me experience LIFE. I am able to view and experience life through the roles given to me. It's indeed my passion.

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