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Full Intro: Dina Layzis

Introducing... Dina Layzis

My name is Dina, I'm a singer, song writer, musician, dreamer and ( newly graduated ) Pharmacist. =) I just graduated Pharmacy school this past May and right now my life is at a 'teeter totter'. I guess I have a 'job' now, but I have a dream I am still holding on to ( very very very ( did I mention VERY ) firmly). I have been singing entire life. I grew up in a household full of music. Both my parents studied as classical musicians and have instilled music into every part of my being and molecular structure's just who I am. ( I'm sure it's even imprinted all over the place in my DNA =] ). My foundation for singing is classical, but I have been singing pop and varieties of genres my whole entire life. I cannot express myself fully simply by speaking...there is always more to say. My voice gives me the power to do so.

*Fingers crossed, reaching for the stars!*

I guess we shall see where this road leads...

Visit me here if you would like:

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