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Full Intro: Dyamondasya Gaither

Introducing... Dyamondasya Gaither

Hello, im 19 years old I loved singing, dancing and acting since I was 6 years old. Im very shy at first but once I get comfortable im a very outgoing, fun, silly girl that everyone loves. That you will love. I was born in brooklyn, NY. My dream is to be an actress/singer, im also going to college so I can write books I love to wrrite. Im also thinking about going to school to become a director or producer. Since I was little ive loved movies thats how I fell inlove with acting. My inspiration to sing came from aaliyah. She was my idol. I would to put my dramatic ways on the big screen. My family calls me a diva in some ways I can be but im very caring and a loveable person. I love glee but I dont think my voice is as good as some but I try my hardest to chase my dreams because lifes way to short to wish upon a star when I want something I dont give up until all my dreams come true.

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