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Full Intro: Dylan Bushe

Introducing... Dylan Bushe

Well, I openly participate in musicals, always striving to be the best that I can be at any performance. I try to push others, especially in chorus and musicals and make the show the best that it can be. I hate it when people are constantly lazy, here or there is fine, but pretending you're sick just to be lazy? THAT really annoys. I am outgoing. People remark, although I don't find it true, that when they are at a party with me they feel like a wall flower and I will leave them and hang out with a lot of people or meet new people....yeah don't remember any of that!!! I just recall me seeing other people and going....hey...I wanna talk to you, and then I do!

I am the only guy that participates in least usually I am. I do ask questions about why we learn what we learn, what can I gain from this, how can we use this and of course the occasional, 'I don't get it'.

I have been known to sing during class and out in the halls

Oh and I love to call people and leave singing, or beatboxing messages on their good!!

I am a leader, I am one who inspires, I push people to their potential, I listen, I give, I work hard, I do what I do and I love it!

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