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Full Intro: Elsbeth Cheyne

Introducing... Elsbeth Cheyne

Although there is much I could talk about, I find myself with little to say. I am not from any one place, always moving about, military upbringing being what it is. As a result I have met many colourful people, and each of them have changed me in their own small ways.
I love to sing. I have good range, capable of singing both Alto and Soprano parts, and take part in regular voice tutoring. I am part of my university's music & theatre departments. I've competed in a few state-wide competitions on a superior level, and was invited to other much bigger choirs, one of which involved traveling across Europe. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.
I also like to act, both in musical theatre and traditional theatre. I've been in two shows, and cast in two that never fell through. I hope to be in many more to come.

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