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Full Intro: Emilie Heckenkamp

Introducing... Emilie Heckenkamp

I have been interested in theater since my Freshman year of high school and interested in singing even further back than that. I'm finally "back in the game and back on the case" thanks to the wonderful doctor up in Chicago, IL that did the amazing surgery on my vocal chords. My voice is now stronger than ever and I have better control over it. My hometown has wonderful opportunities in its local theater programs. I love to sing no matter where I am. At home, in the car, in the shower, etc. I live for theater. My favorite musical is Wicked and my dream role on Broadway is La Carlotta from Phantom of the Opera. I may mostly be a mezzo/alto but I can sing anywhere from tenor to soprano (including all in between). I work in retail and I love it. I'm really close to my co-workers and managers. I'm not smart but I'm also not stupid. I've been average in everything my whole minus theater of course. My dream is to be on Broadway and I've dreamed of being famous in general since I was little. My dream is on hold for the moment now due to money and awful schools (Don't go to Millikin for Theater!). I'm back in school as well now and my schedule is FULL but that's just how I like it!

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