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Photos: Eric Modyman

Elwood P. Dowd in "Harvey" (2004)

Gus Field in "Babes in Arms" (2005)

Sancho Panza in "Man of La Mancha" (2006)

Larry Potter in "Welcome Back Potter" (2009)

Jay in "Just Like Me" (2009)

Duke Moonwalker in "Space Trek" (2009)

Justin Waverly in "Dearly Beloved" (2009)

Dusty Rhodes in "Drac in the Saddle, Again" (2009)

Bob Scratchit in "Christmas for Dummies" (2009)

Thug in "Idaho Smith and the Drinking Fountain of Youth" (2010)

Big Round in "Idaho Smith and the Drinking Fountain of Youth" (2010)

as Kenneth Mann with the cast of "Real Murder Estate" (2010)

publicity photo for "Real Murder Estate" (2010)

publicity photo 2 for "Real Murder Estate" (2010)

Eddie McCuen in "Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" (2010)

the cast of "Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage" (2010)

Jeremy Thumpington Fffines in "Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage" (2010)

a Protean in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" (2010)

A protean as a eunuch in "Funny Forum"

Jerome Plops in "Scary Poppins" (2010)

No Beard in "Yo-Ho, Ho, Ho: A Pirate's Christmas" (2010)

performing in our Christmas special olio after "Pirate's Christmas"

Tweedle Dee in "Alice in Wonderland" (2011)

my "young" headshot

My standard headshot

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