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Photos: Gabbie Haines

my shirt say don't be trash, recycle because i'm VERY green

black and white

i have side bangs but a lot of times i put them up in a poof so you don't see them a lot





singing on my own in the studio






delco idol jr - week 3 - beauty and the beast

delco idol jr - week 2 - gabby's groupies

me as a little kid

the media theatre - i'm there A LOT

me with glasses

me in my limo

in my limo on the way to nyc

chillin at alex's pool

eatin ice cream in london

i made her hair blue on one of computer programs

me, "mary poppins," and gen

my friends julie and ian practicing a scene

makin signs for my competition

me maddy and randi

family support

jazz hands (the other two are cheerleaders (eww) so i was the only one who knew what jazz hands are)

i love goofing around with friends



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