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Full Intro: Gams Galore

Introducing... Gams Galore

Gams Galore, known as That Glamorous Gal with The Golden Gullet, is a burlesque performer and 'Comedic Diva' from Seattle, Washington. I am regularly featured in various local shows featuring burlesque, variety and improv, as well as co-hosting a weekly open-mic party.

My art is taking popular songs from various sources and rewriting their most cases, making the songs a little bawdier than before. Typically, I set these lyrics to karaoke tunes, then set up my camera and make home videos featuring my favorite hand puppets...then I take it to the live stage! I particularly enjoy writing dedications to friends, local towns, or to suit a special occasion. I've also been known to change up my wig, identity and voice to suit a particular role. I invite you to visit my YouTube channel!

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