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Full Intro: Garison Edwards

Introducing... Garison Edwards

Although I aced Acting Workshop in college, most of my public performing has been as a singer/musician. Nevertheless, I would love to act professionally in any capacity, from live theater to commercials. They say "Actors are born, not made." Well, I was born, therefore....

All kidding aside, and to be perfectly honest, I believe I can out-act a lot of the people getting paid in this profession. For one thing, I'm intelligent enough to get inside a character, and I'm fearless enough to let a character get inside of me.

I've read and understood Ms. Hagen's "Respect For Acting," and I have enough ideas of my own on the subject to make my performances unique, authentic, and memorable. In fact, my respect for the theater is such that I've authored a musical version of a French theatrical classic (anybody in search of an original musical script, I'm your boy).

I've spent a large part of my life facing audiences and feel at home in that environment. And, above all, I love the craft of acting and feel naturally gifted in that regard, just as I possess natural artistic and musical gifts. You are who you are, and that's who I know I am. Moreover, I'm keenly aware of the demands of true professionalism and would prove it by taking direction easily and to my director's satisfaction (i.e., I would never be a selfish pain-in-the-ass on the set). Give me a shot -- you won't regret it, I promise.

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