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Full Intro: Hannah Stephens

Introducing... Hannah Stephens

I am 24 years old, and finishing up my Master's degree at Indiana University (Jacobs School of Music), in Vocal performance. Originally from the UK, I spent many years in New Mexico, where much of my family now lives. I am a pescetarian, which is a vegetarian who also eats seafood! I have five brothers and sisters, whom I love very very much! I have many varied interests, and I love to be social, most of the time. I am working at a bar/restaurant at the moment, and I love it! I love everyone whom I work with, and I enjoy the down to earth atmosphere, and the many different types of people who come in! I want to be a famous opera singer one day, but my current plans for the immediate future involve moving to California after the summer and just auditioning for everything possible! I am also interested in non-operatic venues, such as some musicals (ones which use the more Classical vocal approach), operettas, theatre, film, and dance. Oh! And, I love to draw. My step dad is an artist and photographer, and I took classes from him when I was younger. I like to draw pictures of my friends' pets or favourite animals, and give them away as presents.

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