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Full Intro: Hong Luu

Introducing... Hong Luu

Hello! I am currently in college and living in Maryland. I always had a passion for music and singing since I was five but never got around with the opportunity to actually get a career started. But I always continue to love writing poems on my free time, singing and playing the piano, and practicing the guitar. After I write out my poems, I make up my own melody on the piano for it. I also love drawing/sketching and sewing on my spare time.
The poems that I write out are what I truly feel/go through and that's what makes them original. Sometimes I would just put myself in someone else position and I'm able to get a wonderful poem from that.
During high school, I started to like acting as well when I took a drama class in 9th grade. I did plays before growing up but high school was different. Then, in 11th grade I was able to be apart of my school's musical and I loved it so much that I decided to tryout again and be apart of it during my final year in high school which was even more amazing. After that, my love for acting is just going to keep on growing and I plan on getting farther with music, acting, and fashion design someday!

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