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Full Intro: Jacob Wofford

Introducing... Jacob Wofford

Hmmm... So I've been acting since I was nine. I'm sixteen now. But I use acting loosely (Due to the fact that I was mostly in church plays until I was about twelve.) Then I was cast in my Eighth grade one act play (A competition play that we must preform in one act under forty minutes.) After that, I became more involved with the more "Professional" Theater, and, with the help of a few friends, I became more interested in broadening my range of singing (I've been singing bass since I was twelve) and I now sing Bass, Baritone, and Tenor One and Two... Also in Eighth grade, I began to compete in my schools UIL speaking competitions. This is where we have a book, script, or poem, we cut out the extra parts so that it is under seven to ten minutes (Depending on the event) and we present it to a panel of judges. I compete in Pros (This is kind of like Reader's theater) HI (Humorous Interpretation) (Where we have ten minutes to make a script as funny as possible), DI (Dramatic Interpretation) (Where we have ten minutes to present a script as dramatically as possible), Poetry (This is a lot like pros, but with Poems only) and other speaking events (Where we write a speech over a given subject and present, some of these are done on the spot, others we are given time to prepare). Regardless of all of this background competition. I love acting for the sake of theater. And I hope to continue acting all of my life.

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