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Resume: Jamie Suire
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Jamie Suire

Height – 4 feet 5 inches / 135 cm

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Brown

Body Type – Average

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian


Vocal Range – Alto

Singing – Musical Theater, Jazz

Dancing – Club, Jazz, Modern

Languages – American English, British English

Metamorphosis (May 2012)
Role: Mother
Director: Julian Vernon
Organization: Texas State University
No Exit (May 2012)
Role: Inez
Director: David Weinin
Organization: Texas State University
Pterodactyls (Feb 2012)
Role: Mother
Director: Robert Wighs
Organization: Texas State University-San Marcos
Angels in America (Dec 2011)
Role: Harper
Director: David Weinin
Organization: Texas State University
Richard III (Jun 2011)
Role: Queen Anne
Director: Dr. Debra Charlton
Organization: Royal Shakespeare Company/TSU
Old Times (May 2011)
Role: Kate
Director: Tracy Arnold
Organization: Texas State University-San Marcos
Steel Magnolias (Oct 2009)
Role: M'Lynn
Director: Rebecca Brummet
Organization: Texas State University-San Marcos
Centaur of Attention (2012)
Role: Ensemble
Organization: Improvisational Comedy
Eden's Bowy (May 2003)
Role: Nyako
Organization: ADV Films
International Comedy Conspiracy
Role: Ensemble
Director: 2003-2005
Organization: LA Connection Comedy Theatre
Esther's Follies
Role: Ensemble
Director: 2001-2003
Organization: Esther's Follies
Additional Info
Certified Yoga Instructor
Master's Degree in Theatre
Professor of Drama
Dialects: British, Cockney, Southern (All), Northern (NY, Minnesota), French, Spanish, Mexican, Russian, Australian (with rehearsal)
Acting Shakespeare, Jane Lapotaire, Royal Shakespeare Company
Stage Combat, Jean Marc Perret, Royal Shakespeare Company
Period Movement, Royal Shakespeare Company
Improv Comedy, Kent Skov, LA Connection Theatre
Esther’s Follies, 600 performances
Film Acting / Character Development, Gary Chason
Audition Techniques Toni Cobb Brock
Film Characters and Styles, Marco Perrella
Business of Film, Donise Harding
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