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Full Intro: Jasmine Jacobs

Introducing... Jasmine Jacobs

Hi Im Jasmine and I'm 23 years old. I have been a part of the performing group The Young Americans since 2006. I've traveled to over 10 countries (to name a few, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Poland, Sweden) touring with the Young Americans. We do 3 month tours where we go into schools all over the world to teach kids ages 6-19 a show in 3 days. We end up doing about 21 towns a tour. Our purpose is to keep music in the schools and to inspire the children we teach. We also perform for those same kids and we do concerts. Our college is based out of Corona, CA. I love this group and they will forever be my family! Performing with the Young Americans, I've sang in roles as Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, a gospel singer, and a blues singer. I've also done different styles of dance such as jazz, hip hop, and a little bit of salsa. I would love to get into doing stage plays. I really like gospel stage plays where there is both acting and singing. I would love to try my hand it if given the chance. I'm new at trying to audition for such a thing, but I'm up for the challenge, the journey, and the overall experience!

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