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Full Intro: Jasmine Siddall

Introducing... Jasmine Siddall

Heyy, my names Jasmine Siddall. (: I live in Desoto, Texas, which is about 5 seconds from Dallas. I'm a 14 year old freshman in high school, and i pretty much have a passion for the performing arts, especially ballet and contemporary/modern dance (which i've been doing ever since i was 4 years old), and theater. I wanna be an actress when i grow up, and i've been looking for ways to start for a few months now. I go to Desoto High School. Anyway, i've been wanting to act ever since i was 4 or 5 years old, and my biggest goal is to win a Oscar and a Tony Award, but right now, i just wanna focus on STARTING my acting career, and try to start a resume. :) I think i'm a good actress, and i think i'm good at dance. But, i'm not conceited about it, so, the only way to find out if others think i'm good is the succeed with what i wanna do in life, and fulfill my dreams. Oh, and everything you see in my experience is work i've done at school and in ballet class! I'm looking for someone who will help me start my resume by giving me my first real acting job. :)

So, thats it! If you wanna know anything else, please feel free to ask!! (:

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