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Full Intro: Justine Sutton

Introducing... Justine Sutton

Hi everyone!

I have always wanted to get into acting, specifically in musical theatre. I am currently taking a break from college to audition in Chicago, IL. I am really working hard to make this break pay off! I can sing, with a vocal rage of G below middle C to the Eb two octives above. I haven't taken many dance lessons, but, with a little work, I can pick up most coreography. I am very creative and have worked behind the scenes with stagecraft and even some directing. I can learn accents very quickly, when neccessary, and always study the background of the character to better perform that role. I learn and memorize quickly as well, which is great where there are a lot of lines to memorize.

I can't wait to be performing, whether it be on stage or on screne!

Hope your days and nights are wonderful!
Justine Sutton

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