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Full Intro: Katie Tice

Introducing... Katie Tice

I am an Acting Major at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. I have been inlove with theater and dreamt of performing since I can literally since I was 2 or 3, as far back as memory goes. I am sometimes unsure if I love performing or spectating more.
I truly believe that I have worked incredibly hard on being gracious, grateful, and enthusiastic for every role I have ever been cast in, whether they felt like disappointments or triumphs, or somewhere in-between; if you let any range of disappointments and dis-heartenings get to you, it will just eat you up, along with your confidence and faith in yourself.

I am also a singer, songwriter, artist/photographer/crafter/artisan, wire twister, instrumentalist, outdoor enthusiast, and have had the fortunate opportunities to on several occasions be a scenic or assistant scenic as well as make-up designer. I am also currently getting more involved in a modeling and enjoy it very much and seems to be something I could be really good at.

I also have worked hard on and am incredibly longing to explore head on into the possibilities and versatility of theater and performing and breaking the molds of types, for in every aspect of everything, my interests hit many ends of many spectrums. I am greatly inspired by Jim Carey as well as Kate Winslet, and plenty of other examples apply; Spamalot and Les Miserable, A Winter's Tale and Noises Off, Cats and....dogs....from any angle I have a dream to break molds and expectations and discover myself as a performer and entertainer in the versatilities and many adventures and opportunities that the arts have to offer...

Well, I apologize for likely jabbering on a bit, but I never like to leave things out and simply love to be well-rounded and thorough. I am Katie Tice, among many, many other things- this has been my introduction. Thank you

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