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Full Intro: Katie Mackall

Introducing... Katie Mackall

Hello and welcome to my page! I just want to say that I love acting. I don't act for any other reason besides it being my passion. My type is "serious" but I am a very versatile actress and can play an extremely large range of characters. I much prefer interesting, multi-dimensional characters that provoke thought to frivolous, one-dimensional characters. I have done a variety of accents before including RP English, Southern American English, and Standard American English to name a few. Though I am a soprano when I sing, my voice becomes deeper when I talk on stage. Ever since elementary school, I could project my voice extremely well, though one would not always know this until I started talking on stage. I would just like to state that, even though I can sing, it is not my strong suit. I far prefer acting in plays to acting in musicals, though I would not turn down a musical role. I have been acting ever since I can remember. When I was three years old, I acted out the Wizard of Oz every night. Later, I started doing plays, camps, and conservatories for acting and absolutely fell in love with it. Recently, I have started acting for the camera and loved that, if possible, even more. In addition to acting, I love dance. I really only started at the beginning of seventh grade but since then have been on my school's middle school dance team, taken many classes and been called "a power-house actress AND dancer with technique out the wazoo." I have had a good amount of experience and look forward to gaining more!

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