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Full Intro: Kayla Marie Heintz

Introducing... Kayla Marie Heintz

Kayla Marie Heintz is an 18 year old freshman at the University of Lafayette, Louisiana.
The nearest she was to theatre as a young girl was her private school\'s children holiday productions. While that does not seem like much, her teachers can still note how she was the most enthusiastic student in the class productions.
She became the president of her public high school\'s Masque & Gavel (speech) Club her sophomore year and continued till she graduated her senior year. Within those 3 years, she participated in numerous speech tournaments competeing in douets, solos, radio, and improv.
In November of 2006, she debuted in her local community theatre\'s (Evangeline Players) production of \"Miracle on 34th St\" as lead-role \"Doris Walker\". The following summer and fall of 2007, she worked at another local community theatre (IPAL) and her first one as Stage Manager for two of her fiancee\'s productions (\"The Woman in Black\" & \"Mass Appeal\"). Kayla, briefly, worked as an \"assistant\" in spring of 2008 for a musical at IPAL. She returned to the stage in April of 2008 in Evangeline Players\' production of \"To Kill A Mockingbird\" as the despised \"Mayella Ewell\".
Currently, she is nearing her final (3rd) weekend as \"Julia \'Hoolya\' Costazuela\" in Evangeline Players\' production of \"Oscar and Felix\".

Performances include :
Miracle on 34th St - Doris Walker (November 2006)
To Kill A Mockingbird - Mayella Ewell (April 2008)
Oscar and Felix - Julia \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Hoolya\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Costazuela (August 2008)

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