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Full Intro: Kylie Spillman

Introducing... Kylie Spillman

My name is Kylie Spillman, and I am an actress.

I have been involved in a total of 25 productions in the last six years--about half of which I provided assistance as a 'techie.' I have played leading, supporting, and chorus roles, all of which I have loved and embraced, from Assistant #3 in Singin' in the Rain to Gertrude in Hamlet.

I just finished up with my univesity's production of Hamlet, in which I played Gertrude, and look forward to running foley for the spring musical, Mirabelle: a Breeze, as well as running lights for an all-female production of Titus Andronicus in Seattle this summer.

I am a freshman theatre major in Seattle, Washington, and secretly yearn to one day portray Hamlet, the Angsty, Mad-But-Within-Reason, Distraught, Loony Prince of Denmark.

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