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Full Intro: Lana Roff

Introducing... Lana Roff

My name is Lana Jessica Roff. But my friends call me Lana-Belle, Lana-Bear, and Lanakins. I was born in China and was adopted at five months old. For the first five years of my life, I lived in Staten Island, New York. I've been dancing since I was two and I've taken classes on and off for 13 years. I'm almost positive that I sang before I said my first sentence, but who knows. I've been taking voice lessons from the same woman since I was eight and she has taught me everything I know about my voice and singing. The first time I was on stage, I was about three, my first dance recital, and I loved it, the spotlight, the applause, the attention, I ate it up. And I've spent all my time since then on stage. Whether it be for dance, vocals, or theatre. Since 2003, I have been acting at the Palace Theatre in Georgetown. The Palace has become my home away from home. I also like to work at the Zachary Scott Theatre in Austin, where I have been in three productions. Last year, I was invited to be a part of an Invitation Only Pre-Professional Acting Troupe called the Zachary Scott Showstoppers and I hope to rejoin them this upcoming year. Singing is my passion over everything else. I enjoy it the most and I do believe that's what I do best. I have been in choir since I was in the sixth grade and I plan on continuing to be in choir until I graduate high school. In my spare time, which is a rare thing, I like to hang out with my friends, go to the movies, and just chill out.

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