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Full Intro: Maria Taylor

Introducing... Maria Taylor

Sup. I'm Maria Ann Taylor, an actor-techie combo. I haven't been doing official theatre (classes and all) for very long (about a year and a half), but I have been doing skits and such for a while. I can build a set, collect props and distribute, (probably) make a costume, apply makeup, and run sound (lights if I learned) as well as get up on a stage and act or direct. I do have braces, but they'll be coming off hopefully this August. I have learned to talk around them!
Personality-wise, I'm not much of a girly-girl. With much practice I could pull it off, but I'm much more down-to-earth. Example: I enjoy wearing my hair in whatever way keeps it out of my face and cargo (guy) shorts or ripped (from use) worn blue jeans. I am quite naturally excellent at dramatic roles, angry roles, comedic roles, etc. But, I am not an ingenue. I do have hopes of being a high school theatre teacher and/or a director! I do not like how my sentences have no variety whatsoever. They all start with "I". That annoys me to a great end. I am- strike that. Maria is an individual person with great intellectual capacity that is charming and a total devil all-in-one, but you will never see her EVER be a diva or priss. She eats those people for breakfast.
Maria also has an interesting personality and loves to do a few other things outside of theatre, like dance (kinda), art (she's actually really good at it), writing (pretty decently awesome), and reading. She can read. Reading's fun. I like reading.
Well, Maria's getting really bored of this now- she's been going at it for quite a while and is quite frankly sick of writing about herself.
If you want to know more, please inquire.
I am also quite irritated at this not having some of my favorite shows on here. Gr. GRR. GROWL. VICIOUS GROWL.

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