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Full Intro: Melissa Martinez

Introducing... Melissa Martinez

Hello, my name's Melissa Martinez, I was born in September 22, 1995.
I go to Streamwood High School, Im a freshman, it is actually an academy for honors students. Yeam I'm a nerd XD I'm studying Japanese and I'm going to Japan between junior and senior year. I love making new friends, listen to them and be there when they need me. I speak out my mind a lot when I'm mad or sad, or even when I'm really happy about something. I'm the type of person that likes to kid around a lot, but most people take it as an offense, that's way I always say I'm KIDding. I have my sarcastic moments, but I tend to hate sarcastic people. I can't stand when people make annoying creepy chewing sounds. I can be shy sometimes, but otherwise I'm always daring my friends. I'm not a vegetarian, I do eat meat, I don't like when people act like it's a bad thing, I bet they have eaten meat before and like it. I love Screamo music, it's like my life. Love bands in other Languages, my favorite band is Breathe Carolina, they sing Electronica Screamo. I want to be successful in everything I do, because I want to become something big someday. I love watching movies, horror is my favorite. I love taking pictures, and I think photography is awesome. If someone takes away my eyeliner and my straighteners I will be really mad.

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