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Full Intro: Michael Isbell

Introducing... Michael Isbell

So this is a little about me, my name is Michael Brandon Isbell. I am 15 years old until December 26th. I am a freshmen at Valley View Senior High School and currently live in Jonesboro Arkansas. Yeah, I miss everything back home, but life here rocks and is actually better than back home. I'm a very complex person, but if you can wait it out and take the time to break through my walls and get to know me, you'd find that it's worth it. I'm not a self-centered person with a huge ego like people think I am, I just have the look of confidence on the outside, even though inside I doubt every step I take. Nobody really knows everything about me, not even myself. I play a lot of sports even though I don't really like any of them. I love to swim, and be anywhere around water. My favorite place to be is the beach, if I could have my dream house it'd be a house on the side of a mountain that has the huge cliffs and mountains, but then there's an ocean. I do music and acting, that will be my career, hopefully by or when I turn 16. I also dance, and write songs. I have huge goals, and I always find a way to reach them. Well that's pretty much me, anything else you wanna know just ask, I have no secrets. I have all my links to my pages down below here so i hope you guys go check them out.

--Michael B. Isbell

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