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Full Intro: Michael Wagner

Introducing... Michael Wagner

Hello! My name is Michael Wagner. I am fairly awesome and can do anything that is asked of me. More importantly, I can be whoever you ask me to be while retaining my inner self (this also can be coaxed by you, Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. Director Em./Esq!). I can be anyone from Petrucio to Puff Daddy, though I am not sure the latter role exists past an individual scale as of yet. I currently reside in the Allentown (PA) area, but am willing to move anywhere to again, do anything you ask of me. I just graduated from Susquehanna University. Home of the Crusaders, though, due to religious concerns may soon change to the Squirrels. This box is but a small sample of who I am. I am hoping in the long run to help change the world of art to get on the same page and eventually further the world in which we live, but will need your help getting started. Looking for professional gigs!

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