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StageAgent Quizzes

  1. Which Shakespeare play contains no prose?
    1. Richard II
    2. Romeo and Juliet
    3. Merchant of Venice
    4. Tempest
  2. In which Shakespeare play does the character Falstaff NOT appear?
    1. Henry IV
    2. Henry VI
    3. Merry Wives of Windsor
    4. The Comedy of Errors
  3. Which Shakespearean character has the most lines in a single play?
    1. Romeo
    2. Hamlet
    3. Juliet
    4. Macbeth
  4. Who is the only playwright to win the Tony, the Oscar and the Pulitzer Prize?
    1. Arthur Miller
    2. Andrew Lloyd Webber
    3. Howard Sackler
    4. Alfred Uhry
  5. Which play won nine Tony nominations?
    1. Angels in America: Millennium Approaches
    2. Macbeth
    3. Fences
    4. Proof
  6. Which play won no Tony wards despite having received nine nominations?
    1. Angels in America: Millennium Approaches
    2. Proof
    3. Indiscretions
    4. Gem of the Ocean
  7. Which play has won the most Tony Awards?
    1. A Man for All Seasons
    2. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
    3. Child's Play
    4. All of the above are tied
  8. Which play won the Tony Award in 2005?
    1. Democracy
    2. Doubt
    3. Gem of the Ocean
    4. The Pillowman
  9. What author stated "I am far from being a pessimist ... on the contrary, in spite of my scars, I am tickled to death at life!"
    1. Arthur Miller
    2. Alfred Uhry
    3. Eugene O'Neil
    4. William Shakespeare
  10. What college did author David Mamet go to?
    1. Stanford University
    2. Harvard University
    3. Foothill College
    4. Goddard College