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StageAgent Quizzes

  1. What part in what show did Kristin Chenowith (the original G(a)linda) play before she was in Wicked?
    1. Sally in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
    2. Maria in West Side Story
    3. Christine in Phantom of the Opera
    4. Mary in The Secret Garden
  2. Where did Elphaba's name come from?
    1. It is completely made up and has no real meaning.
    2. Elphaba's name came from the name of the author of the Wizard of Oz books (L. Frank Baum.) His initals are L.F.B. (eL-Fa-Ba)
    3. Elphaba's name is the author's wife's name spelled backwards
    4. Elphaba's name came from the name of one of the original munchkins.