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Full Intro: Mitty And The Followers

Introducing... Mitty And The Followers

My main category is R&B "soul". I've been lucky to work with fantastic musicians for my whole career. I've had great experiences in my life from performing to meeting interesting people. I can't look back at any edition of the Mitty & The Followers Band and regret any of my hiring choices. – That through all of the ups and downs of living, you must stay true to yourself. Having said that, this time around, I hired the best of the best! These guys have resumes that put mine to shame, and they show up ready to play. I surrounded myself with people who eat this kind of music for breakfast, and it shows in the work.
It's difficult these days to be truly original, but when you combine talent with imagination, respect for tradition with a healthy dose of musical innovation, MITTY & THE FOLLOWERS creates a result both surprising and refreshing. If you combine musical talent and experience the guys and myself will energize " live soul" on stage! ~~Mitty

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