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Full Intro: Nikita Gary

Introducing... Nikita Gary

Hey, I'm a 13yr old girl who loves to sing and act. All my life I mainly wanted to sing. I've been singing ever since I was 5yrs old. I now write my own songs and preform them for my family. Also I had performed in concerts as a little girl, so I have a lot of experience. Also went to some agencies about singing but they weren't what they said they were, so I'm trying this because I love singing.
Acting to me is also what I want to do because you can imagine yourself being anything you want. A lot of people had told me that I could become an actor. I had stared in an Rosa Parks play when I was little, and I had gotten a lot of good comments about it. Then I started to realize that I could be an actor and I just started to like acting.

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