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Full Intro: JohnRoland Prejean

Introducing... JohnRoland Prejean

I am a fourteen year old ninth grader at Bellflower High/Middle School. I previously attended Loyola High School (for first semester), but I knew my mom couldn't financially afford it, so I asked her if I could transfer. I enjoy playing sports such as football and running track. I also enjoy writing and binding together stage and screen-plays in my spare time; after which, I direct and produce those stage-plays whenever I get a chance. In school, I have always been a high achieving student, and like my mother always tells me, "The only competition I have is myself."

I have always struggled in my life, because yes - even today, it is hard for young Black teens to make it in school, but I try not to let anything get in the way of my education and success. I mainly believe that my success has depended on my faith in God, my Almighty Father.

My motto for my education is P.R.I.DE. This acronym means: perseverance, respect and responsibility, integrity, duty, and enthusiasm for learning.

As the protégé of Kattie Prejean, I am the educator and founder of Naejerp Productions. I have a varied background in the performing arts that includes performing, teaching, directing, choreographing, producing, and theatrical administration.

In addition to performing and choreographing in junior high, I produced such productions as Squanto’s Thanksgiving, A Calvin Christmas Program, and more. I have been working in “show biz” for nearly seven years as a theatre major (actor, writer, director, and producer). Such sets and shows I have worked on include A Fourth Grade Family Reunion, Peter Pan, Ted’s Special Day, The Wizard of Oz, Annie, Oliver, Eagle Eye Visions, Big River, Seussical, Noah’s Ark: Before and After-The Play and The Movie, Worthy is the Lamb, and many more.

As a performer, some of my favorite roles have been John in Peter Pan and Slitley (a lost boy) at the James Armstrong, The Guard of the Emerald City Gates and Winkie General of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, in Annie Louis - President Rosevelt's servant, Eddie and Artie - Hoverville Bums, and Bert Healy and Jimmy Johnson - News Radio Casters, Samoset in Squanto’s Thanksgiving, Daddy Charles in A Fourth Grade Family Reunion, The Emcee in A Calvin Family Christmas Program and more.

In addition to performing, I am also an excellent writer who has written many productions. I have taught acting to many individuals. I hope to eventually publish ALL of the childrens’ plays/ books he has written. I am also a planner/host/emcee for The Calvin’s Annual Christmas program. I am honored to carry on my legacy as Naejerp Production’s Writer, Producer and Artistic/Executive Director.

Organizations that I have has been a part of include Top Teens of America and Metropolitan Educational Theatre Network/MET2, and Naejerp Productions.

One of the people I dedicate my love for theatre to is Miss Alison Bretches (Artistic Director of MET2), his current educator. Mrs. Bretches has educated me since I was nine years of age, when he began MET2.

Until this day, I am constantly inspired by my 92 year young Great-Grandmother - Callie M. L. Calvin, my Grandmother - Kattie Prejean (deceased), and his self-sacrificing Mother, Karrón Celeste Prejean.

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